Heritage School of Interior Design in Beaverton Oregon

Business name: Heritage School of Interior Design

Main contact: Jan Springer

Phone: 503-292-3343

9340 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway
Beaverton, OR 97005 – MAP

Website: www.HeritageSchoolOfInteriorDesign.com

Excerpt from website:
The foundation of Heritage School’s training is to instill the necessary guidelines, procedures and skills to enable our students to pursue an active role in the design industry, either through employment or self-employment. Our goal is to create a fun, stimulating work environment to promote each student’s success. This is accomplished through personal attention and an excellent and thorough curriculum (refer to Course Outline).

Q: What made you want to start Heritage School of Interior Design?

A: My love for interior design and the desire to share my knowledge fulfilling students career goals.

Q: If you had to pick one thing out of your day, what’s the most exciting / favorite?

A: Teaching students that share my passion. Watching them connect the dots.

Q: Who is your ideal student?

A: Career changers, late 20’s 30’s, 40’s,50’s, 60’s. Loves design for interior spaces, creative and solution oriented.

Q: What do you consider your biggest weakness?

A: This is difficult, we are so proud of Heritage and the instruction we offer. The only weakness I can think of is that it’s always challenging to find students.

Q: How are you improving on that weakness?

A: We are always open to new marketing techniques. We advertise in the newspaper, website,facebook and Angie’s list. We have graduate referrals in every class as well.

Q: What is your biggest strength?

A: We don’t just teach interior design…we teach them how to make a living at it!

Our graduates are also our biggest strength… We have an excellent reputation, just talk to them.

Q: How do you like running Heritage?

A: I love having my own business…I’m the best boss I ever had.

Q: If you could change one thing about your businesses day-to-day routine, what would it be?

A: Being licensed by the State Board of Education requires administrative paperwork which is not difficult but I’m happiest teaching.

Q: Any new specials you can tell your customers about?

A: Being licensed by the State Board of Education policies are set regarding tuition fees, we cannot offer discounts.

Q: If you had a chance to say one thing to a brand new customer, before they walk in the door, what would it be?

A: Follow your passion…if you have the desire, we have the training.