The History Of Beaverton

Spurred on by a railroad into town built in 1868, the small farming community west of Portland began to grow. By 1893 the City of Beaverton was formally incorporated with a population of 400. Alonzo Cady, a local businessman became the first mayor.

In 1872, George Betts became the City’s first postmaster. The post office was located in a general store that he owned. The current post office is located on Betts street, named in honor of the first postmaster.

Beaverton’s first library opened its doors in 1925 on the second floor of the Cady building. Over the years the library has been housed in several different locations. The Library was taken over by the City government in 1941 and rehoused in the old firemen’s hall. Then in 1948 it was moved to a building on first street, then again in 1958 to a location on Hall street where it stayed until 1980. It was temporarily located in the Hall Street Station for four years. In 1984 the Library was moved to a different location on Allen Boulevard where it stayed for a number of years until a new Library was built at the intersection of Fifth Street and Hall Boulevard in September 2000.