History of the people of Beaverton, Oregon – Otto Erickson and Guy Carr: Car Dealerships

In 1915, Otto Erickson opened Beaverton Garage, the first automobile garage in town, with a capital investment of $3,500. Later that year he became Beaverton’s Ford Agent. In 1917 he added Hillsboro to his territory and by 1918, he was the Ford agent for Washington County. By 1920, that $3,500 investment had grown to over $96,000. Otto was president of the company and owned 80 percent of the stock. The other 20 percent was shared by his employees as a reward for faithful service.

Guy Carr arrived in Beaverton, in 1919, just after World War I. His step-father, Otto Erickson, was mayor at the time, in addition to owning the Ford dealership. Carr went to work for Erickson, demonstrating the Fordson Tractor (“A tractor was new, unheard of,” remembered Carr) and later assembling the Fords that were shipped in parts to the Beaverton Garage where he worked. In 1923, Carr bought out his step-father’s Ford dealership at the Farmington location, and sold Fords until the building burned in 1930. Twenty years and several dealerships later in locations around Beaverton, Carr moved to the present-day location on Southwest Canyon Road. In 1987, Guy Carr retired after 68 years in the automobile business in Beaverton.

Guy Carr served on the Beaverton City Council for several years. When the city went broke during the Depression, Bull Run water was cut off because the city couldn’t pay the $75,000 water bill. Carr and the other councilmen signed a $2,500 note, and proceeded to drill their own well with the help of friends.

History of the people of Beaverton, Oregon – Francis Robinson: Beaverton’s First Doctor

Francis Marion Robinson graduated from Willamette University in 1885 with a degree in medicine, and started a practice in Beaverton. In 1887, Dr. Robinson had a Queen Anne-style, Victorian home built on Broadway. In 1893, he had a pharmacy built next to his residence. Today the former Robinson house and pharmacy have been combined and converted into the popular Beaverton Bakery.

History of the people of Beaverton, Oregon – The Denneys

Thomas Hicklin Denney was running a sawmill and grist mill near Concord, Indiana around 1848, when he met his cousin, Berrilla F. King. Encouraged by relatives who had made the trip out West, the cousins decided to travel together and make their way to Oregon. Before long, their relationship grew. Thomas Denney and Berrilla King were married on January 4, 1849. When they began their trip in early March, Berrilla was pregnant. Although the last half of the journey was fraught with frequent bad weather and scarce water, the trip across the Cascades was uneventful. Their first stop in Oregon Territory was Mills (Milwaukie). There they met Augustus Fanno, who told them about a fine section of land that adjoined his in the lush Tualatin Valley. Thomas thought it was a good piece of land, and by 1850, the Denney’s had moved into a three-room log house on their claim, near what is now Scholls Ferry Road and Hall Blvd.

History of the people of Beaverton, Oregon – The Halls

In May of 1845, the Hall Family (natives of Kentucky who lived in Missouri) began their trek to the Oregon territory. The wagon train they were a part of tried to shorten the journey by taking a little explored trail, and encountered illness, battles, a dwindling water supply, and numerous deaths. But the Halls made it. Hall Boulevard in Beaverton is named after this pioneer family.