New eBeaverton Soft Launch

Well we finally did it. We have a bunch of new features for eBeaverton as well as a brand new look, and we can’t help but go ahead and launch it. I imagine there are still some glitches and bugs, and now is the time to get those cleaned up.

Soft Launch
This is just a soft launch. The official launch will be in a couple of weeks. This gives you a sneak peak before the traffic really starts coming in.

What’s here for individuals?

  • Post and look at ads in the classified section
  • Look at coupons in the coupon section
  • Read news in this main section
  • Look for businesses in the business directory
  • Look up and post local events

What’s here for businesses?

  • Free advertising on the classified section
  • Free advertising through coupons in the coupon section
  • Free basic business listing in the business directory
  • More advertising and cross promotional opportunities

Note: Getting in on the ground floor is a great way to get extra exposure