Beaverton Oregon Parks

Residents and visitors to the Beaverton area have a lot of opportunities for fun and leisure. The area provides natural, historic and scenic views. Some of the popular recreation activities include: waterskiing, camping, hiking and fishing.

Beaverton also provides swimming pools, tennis courts, softball fields, and several golf courses.

The Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District encompassing Beaverton serves approximately 200,000 residents. It provides 200 parks spread over 1,600 acres with 30 miles of hiking trails and a 25-mile bike path network.

The features of the district include three recreation centers, a sport complex, a regional nature park, eight swim centers, two historic sites, a senior center, and two lakes. The district sponsors recreational and competitive league sports and special-interest classes.

If you need a location for a large group gathering, check out THPRD. They have parks that can be rented for picnics, meetings, family parties and athletic events.

The Airport and Motion Picture Studios of Beaverton, Oregon

The glamorous and exciting world of motion pictures changed the face of Beaverton in 1920, when Premium Picture Productions built a movie studio near Erickson Street. Local residents frequently worked as extras or had small walk-on parts. The film company made about 15 motion pictures before it went bankrupt late in 1925.

When Premium Picture Productions closed down in 1925, the 32-acre studio site was turned into an aircraft hangar-factory. The financier behind the film venture in Beaverton was also an aviation enthusiast. Dr. G. E. Watts built Watts Airport. The hanger was on the west side of Erickson, along what is now Sixth Street. Before long, airplanes were being built and tested in Beaverton and many more pilots were using the Watts airstrip. Having outgrown the site, Charles Bernard was approached. Bernard built more wood frame hangars parallel to the what is now Cedar Hills Blvd. and the home-built airplane industry in Beaverton thrived. Bernard Airport was once known as the oldest continuously-operated airport in Oregon. On September 11, 1938 the Oregonian reported that Bernard Airport was “perhaps the busiest noncommercial airport in the United States – Beaverton – where exists the added distinction that most of the planes are amateur built.”

Women’s Suffrage in Beaverton, Oregon

In 1912, the ladies of the Beaverton Grange cooked up a plan to help pass the Oregon vote for Woman’s Suffrage. All the men were summoned to the Grange Hall to vote on the issue, some traveling a long distance by horse and buggy. The ladies had a sumptuous potluck dinner waiting, and while the men enjoyed the meal, the women pleasantly suggested that the men vote in favor of the female gender. One German man shouted “I vote for the Vimen!” and the others followed suit.