Win – Win Beaverton

Beaverton Library Fountains is here to provide a great new set of services for the residents and businesses who live, work and play in Beaverton. Before eBeaverton can be an effective tool, it needs to be used and ironically before many people will use it, some people need to use it.

I’ve had several friends, colleagues, clients, etc., ask me how they can help make eBeaverton a success. Here are some ways you can help, if you’re so inclined.

Residents of Beaverton:

  • Post items for sale on the classified section
  • Post events on the event calendar
  • Use coupons in the coupon section
  • Tell your friends about eBeaverton
  • Make eBeaverton your home page

Businesses Serving Beaverton:

  • Post products/services on the classified section
  • Post coupons in the coupon section
  • Post events on the events calendar
  • Send me helpful articles that I can include in the news section
  • Post or review your listing in the business directory


  • Give me feedback – How can I make eBeaverton better?
  • Partner with me – Do you have an idea for a win-win partnership to promote your business and eBeaverton?

Everything I’ve listed is free, so you might wonder how I plan on making money. I plan on selling advertisements and upgrades to the services, however first I need the site to get to a certain level of activity.